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Looking beyond today’s agenda to inspire, enlighten and encourage authenticity through Philanthropy, Education, Action, Compassion, Evolution, Charity, Optimism, Responsibility and Enthusiasm (P.E.A.C.E.C.O.R.E. Inc.).

About Us
We are professional artists, writers, editors, designers, photographers, performers and managers with a philanthropic view to changing the world. We have decades of publishing, marketing and PR experience as well as a genuine desire to improve the world and the lives of its citizens. We admire the creative genius in each other and our success is tied to our individual and shared purposes.

bUneke Magazine is an educational tool of P.E.A.C.E.C.O.R.E. Inc., a non-profit organization created to teach readers about the many amazing people and charities in our world. Many companies that are not charities, have a philanthropic aspect and believe in the value of giving back, paying forward and doing the right things while conducting business. bUneke Magazine shines a spotlight on those companies, individuals or initiatives so readers can explore options for their own giving. Plus, it's a win-win because it's a tax deductible contribution!

It is our goal to also offer no-cost training opportunities and scholarships to help others live their dream! More details to come on these exciting programs. Check back often for updates! 

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bUneke Magazine offers volunteer and paid opportunities for many different people within this organization!  We are looking for awesome writers, creators, leaders, educators, designers, talent, brand ambassadors, organizers, event planners, salespersons, IT technicians, videographers, editors, promoters, podcasts, photographers, and sooo much more! Contact us today with your interests. 

By helping others to join a movement based on the love of community, kindness, compassion, empowerment and knowledge for both people and animals of this great planet, we all benefit. 

It's about U, it's about Us, its about the Universe! 
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Each month bUneke Magazine delivers a, relatable, easy to understand, insightful, motivational publication packed with engaging content for all ages! We are living our dream offering bUneke Magazine, at no cost, to anyone, anywhere, with or without a digital device. Those interested in bettering themselves, thus effecting the positive change for this earth. 

Why not show off all the good that's happening in the world? Inside the pages of bUneke magazine you will find a much needed a pick-me-up, 24/7, and at no cost to our fellow bUnekers!

Advertise in bUneke Magazine​
We love our sponsors and advertisers! This is a very simple process. bUneke Magazine has options for every budget and every need.  Align your brand with one of the fastest growing interactive digital magazines to have direct links to your customized contact info, What are you waiting for? You can't go wrong with bUneke Magazine! Contact us today! Visit: for more information.
Sponsoring a Story in bUneke Magazine
Looking for a great way to showcase your products or services? Become a part of the story! Everyone is intrigued with those who care about someone or something​ greater than themselves​. When you sponsor a story, you show your support and you or your company and we give you a direct link to your site. This is the way to go for maximum exposure! Contact us today for a list of upcoming topics to find the one that connects with you. Or let us choose an amazing subject for you.​ Visit: for more information.
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